About Ambrozia

Stefan Stefanov

founder and owner

The biggest bee farm with 2100 beehives

In 2009 we created the biggest bee farm in Bulgaria with 2100 beehives. From the beginning we continue to develop and enrich the variety of products.

100 tons of bee honey per year

Today we can praise ourselves with about 100 tons of pure honey per year and a lot of satisfied customers.

Natural products

All the honey and bee products in our retail chain are 100% pure and natural. With no antibiotics, pesticides, GMO, additional sugar or glucose.

We produce pure bee honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and beeswax.

We created our 2100 beehives farm in the Ludogorie region. This is a region in Bulgaria famous with its’ clean nature and landscape variety. Our bees have the best conditions and with our good care they produce a high quality honey.

We created the farm in 2009 with the support of The Special Accession Programme for Agricultural and Rural Development (SAPARD) of the European Union.

Today we are really proud to say, that we have numerous satisfied customers who highly appreciate the quality of our products. People are tired of imitation food with misleading information and description and unidentified ingredients. What we created is a farm, offering the customers pure, natural products coming directly from the producer!