From the founder

Always pure and high quality bee honey

Having the biggest farm with 2100 beehives means that we have a very important mission – to produce and deliver high quality honey and bee products to our customers no matter what. Only the purest products guarantee a real effect on humans’ health and work as a natural medicine. Bee products are incomparable super food with highly nutrition ingredients and a lot of benefits for our health. Кeeping their qualities is a very important job, as beekeepers should follow all the technological and ethical norms and standards. I could say that with a lot of efforts and work we managed to create a modern and highly technological factory and a united and dedicated team. This gives us the chance to produce and deliver natural honey and bee products just as the nature have created them!

About the bees

The honey bee is a true miracle of the nature. Bees exist about 50-60 thousands of years before humans.

But what is a bee colony and how does this unique organization and order happen?
There are different roles in the colony. There are bees collecting the flower nectar, bees looking for water and others gathering the propolis. There is a group of „scout bees“, whose job is to find the best place for harvesting the nectar and also another – for ventilation the hive. There are also guardians of the family. They sting the intruders and immediately die without any regrets.

Although I have been a beekeeper for more than 30 years, I am still being amazed by the unprecedented and supreme organization and discipline in the bee hive. I am totally convinced that these unique products – natural bee honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, beeswax – really do work and are great prophylactic agents.

Where you can find us

All the products can be found in our retail chain in Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Blagoevgrad, Razgrad and Ruse and also in the company’s online shop. Our main goal is to build and maintain a sustainable relation with the customers. We want to bring back the trust of the Bulgarians in the local, natural, Bulgarian products! The only way for reaching this goal is by making no compromise with the quality and offering only pure honey and bee products!

Stefan Stefanov – founder and owner of Ambrozia Ltd.