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Producing natural bee honey and bee products.

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Ambrozia Bee Farm

The biggest bee farm in Bulgaria

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Ambrozia Bee Farm

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About Ambrozia

Having the biggest farm with 2100 beehives means that we have a very important mission – to produce and deliver high quality honey and bee products to our customers no matter what. Only the purest products guarantee a real effect on humans’ health and work as a natural medicine. Bee products are incomparable super food with highly nutrition ingredients and a lot of benefits for our health. Кeeping their qualities is a very important job, as beekeepers should follow all the technological and ethical norms and standards.

About the factory

In 2009 we created the biggest bee farm in Bulgaria with 2100 beehives. From the beginning we continue to develop and enrich the variety of products. Today we can praise ourselves with about 100 tons of pure honey per year and a lot of satisfied customers.

Our main goal is to keep going and develop our family business and deliver high quality products on a reasonable price.

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The biggest bee farm with 2100 beehives

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