Honey + Bee pollen

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Bee pollen mixed with poliflora honey. Very powerful, highly valuable and really easy way to boost your immune system.

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This combination of pure honey and bee pollen (10%) is at the same time delicious, healthy and very easy to use. It contains valuable proteins, carbs, minerals and vitamins that can keep you strong and healthy. It is considered that bee pollen contains all the important nutrition elements that a human needs for a healthy living. This is an extremely important product for people with highly stressful jobs, having no time for a healthy meal or following a special nutrition diets, for active sport people or teenagers. How to use it: For children between 3 and 12 years old – one tea spoon about 20 minutes before meal; For adults – one table spoon about 20 minutes before meal. It is not necessary to store it in refrigerator.

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Anti-inflammatory, Prophylactically