Perga / Bee Bread

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Bee bread is a mixture of bee pollen and nectar honey – the food, which bees eat during the winter.

It is 3 times stronger than regular bee pollen and 9 times better than pollen substitutes, which makes it an excellent super food and a great prophylactic treatment for people.

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Main characteristics.

Bee bread is known to have a high concentration of protein and other nutritional impacts making it more valuable to natural food nutritionists. Just like pollen grains, it is hard to regulate and know for sure what the exact composition of the bee bread is due to so many factors. In fact, it can vary from hour to hour in the same hive based on the worker bees that gather the pollen.

Although there is no specific formula, the average makeup is said to contain simple sugars, proteins, minerals and vitamins, fatty acids, and diverse other components like fungi particles. Bees process and increase nutritional value of the flower pollen through a fermentation process of their own. In addition to preservation, the fermentation process of the pollen also renders its nutrients more available. Some proteins are broken down into amino acids, starches are metabolized into simple sugars, and vitamins become more bio-available. In this sense, bee bread is even more health-giving than the more commonly available fresh bee pollen.

How exactly bees produce it?

The bees will use their head to pack in layers of pollen, sealed by honey until it is about ¾ full. At this time, they’ll seal it with another layer of honey, under which it ferments into bee bread. This product should be considered a powerful nutritional source just based on how much the bees do to it before they even ingest it for themselves.

How to use it?

The recommended daily dose is about 5-6 grams for an adult. This is approximately 3-5 grains, about 30 minutes before meal.

Daily dose for children (over 3 years old) – 2-3 grams, which is approximately 1-2 grains of bee bread, about 30 minutes before meal.

The course should be one month and you should repeat it twice a year.

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